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About Renovate Right

With over 30 years of experience in achieving quality outcomes for Perth renovations. Our focus is on improving the lives of homeowners through home improvements that reflect their lifestyle and tastes. We offer a complete home renovation service, from the initial free consult through to project completion.


What We Do
& How We Do It

What We Do

We're a Perth renovation company with a single goal - to provide you with your dream home through stylish yet functional renovations. Any general questions about your dream renovation? Ask us today, our professionals will always advise the most direct, affordable and practical course forward. Regardless of whether you choose us. 

How We Do It

Our process begins with a one-on-one consultation where we'll be able to discuss your ideas, wants and requirements. Working closely with you, we'll create a modern and functional design that's tailored to your lifestyle. From here, we'll arrange for you to pick your selections (tiles, hardware, fittings etc) from one of our partner companies. When the selections are made, we align our trades to work as efficiently as possible to have minimal disruption to the rest of your home. Our typical turnaround time is 3-4 weeks.

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